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IMPROVE HAND-EYE COORDINATION  With its perfectly balanced design, The Twitch Flip challenges creativity, precision, and hand-eye coordination. This new toy has been trending around the globe while people try to compete with one another by performing the most interesting trick. Proven to improve hand-eye coordination and exercise reaction time, creative skill, & more. It's perfect to have at the office, as when fidgeting with it, it allows your brain to focus. Arousing new creative ideas when stuck on a task. "I've had mine on my desk for the past week and when I'm brainstorming ideas Its perfect for me to fidget around with!" Perfect for: Healthy Competition Building Creativity Building Dexerity Mental Stimulation Brain Development Hand-Eye Coordination Anxiety ADHD Product Details: Non-toxic Manufacturing Technique: Handicraft Gender: Unisex Diameter: 26  Age Range: 5 years old and up